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Francisco Trevino Tests Positive for Marijuana Following Loss to Sage Northcutt at UFC 192

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(^Trevino to the Fertittas, essentially.)

Francisco Trevino achieved a rare feat in his UFC 192 loss to Sage Northcutt: He failed, spectacularly. Not in his performance — a 57 second TKO loss and something I would never mock a guy for — but in the absolute lack of professionalism he displayed prior to, immediately after, and further after that performance.

First, Trevino showed up five pounds heavy to the weigh-ins. Then, he shoved Herb Dean (never shove Herb Dean). And now, he’s tested positive for marijuana. It’s the trifecta of self-destruction; the only way Trevino could have further ensured that he would be fired would have to grab the mic out of Joe Rogan’s hand and told everyone in the arena to go f*ck themselves.

Details after the jump.

MMAFighting has the details:

According to documents obtained by MMA Fighting via a public records request to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Trevino failed a drug test for elevated THC-COOH levels at UFC 192 on Oct. 3 in Houston. Trevino had 69 ng/ml of marijuana metabolites in his system and the Texas threshold is 50 ng/ml.

Texas Combative Sports Program director Greg Alvarez confirmed that Trevino ….View original article