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Freddie Roach: Georges St-Pierre wants Conor McGregor for final fight of contract

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Freddie Roach says Georges St-Pierre wants Conor McGregor as opponent for the final fight of his recent three-fight deal with the UFC.

Freddie Roach has been a key figure in Georges St-Pierre’s camp for years now. He was first credited for GSP’s performance against Josh Koscheck in 2010 at UFC 124, where the Canadian left the latter with a broken orbital bone brought on by a series of hard jabs throughout the fight.

Roach revealed that he will now be in St-Pierre’s corner for the upcoming title fight against Michael Bisping. In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, the famed boxing trainer responded to those who criticize St-Pierre’s match-up against “The Count.” He also spoke about how they plan to go about the successive fights after facing Bisping.

“That was the fight that was offered to us, through Dana (White),” Roach said of the Bisping matchup. “(He asked us) ‘do you want him?’ And we all thought about it, and we all said yes.”

“With the last fight, we’re hoping (for it) to be (Conor) McGregor.”

Roach was not specific about which weight class they intend to fight Conor McGregor at, but did stress that it was the most sensible move for them to make.

“Who wouldn’t want that fight? I mean, it’s a big fight,” Roach said. “We’d have to maybe cut weight, meet in the middle somewhere, but there’s long negotiations (that could) still happen, of course. But, who wouldn’t want that fight?”

The Bisping-GSP middleweight title fight is tentatively scheduled for July at UFC 213 in Las Vegas for International Fight Week. However, Bisping recently stated that he was not willing to wait and instead give the title shot to Yoel Romero, if St-Pierre intends to push back his return to September.

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