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Freddie Roach: GSP Will Endure Training Camp, Then Decide If He Will Return

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Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

In December of 2013 Canada’s biggest mixed martial arts star vacated his UFC welterweight title and walked away from the sport. Sort of.

Officially, it was a “hiatus” in which Georges could heal his injuries, and ponder his future. The then 32-year-old fighter seemed unhappy and aloof, and although the general MMA public was upset, they were content to let Georges take a much-needed break.

In October of 2014 the first good news arrived in the form of a doctor’s clearance, which prompted St-Pierre to start training again—which he’s done sporadically ever since.

The following January, however, his manager Rodolphe Beaulieu told reporters that he believed Georges would not be making a return to the Octagon. We accepted this as fact, but a shred of hope remained.

Now, two long years later, the first real news about the Canadian champion’s status came from the mouth of world-famous boxing trainer Freddy Roach, in an interview with Fight Hub.

“So we came up with a process. He’s going to train for a fight. He’s going to have a six-week training camp, and at the end of the six weeks, if he feels like he’s ready to fight, and he’s hungry for it ….View original article

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