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From Eight Limbs Down to Six: Saenchai Enters the World of Kickboxing

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Photo by Marty Rockatansky via Wikipedia

Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym is one of those rare fighters in a position where almost no one has a bad thing to say about him. There are those who might not like that he rarely knocks opponents out or who dislike his style of fighting, but he is free from the skepticism and downplaying that so many fighters suffer. If you fight in pure kickboxing they say that you are ducking the real fighters in Thailand. If you are a top notch Thai they say you’re not brave enough to step up onto the world stage and show the kickboxers what a real Thai can do. It is one of those situations where you just can’t please everyone. Saenchai seemingly gets none of that twaddle and a quick read down his list of accomplishments should tell you why.

Saenchai has been a Lumpinee Stadium and WMC world champion (at four different weights), he has fought the best Thais, and he has gone abroad to test himself there. Better yet, Saenchai continues to fight opponents who outweigh him. Fabio Pinca is one of the few non-Thais to hold a victory over Saenchai and he weighed in close to twenty pounds heavier than Saenchai. Despite being built for 135lbs, Saenchai bested Umar Semata to take the WMC’s 147lbs title and has beaten a good few men at around that 65kg mark where he will fight in GLORY this weekend. Saenchai’s record is made more incredible by his activity as a fighter. As a daft example, consider that since CM Punk signed with the UFC, the Thai legend has had seventeen bouts and hasn’t suffered a single loss through them. Yet despite all of that activity, all of that playing with fire and jumping weights, spare a knockout loss at age ….View full article

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