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Gegard Mousasi agrees to Anderson Silva fight, however…

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Anderson Silva — the former middleweight champion of the world — recently stated that he’s hoping for a quick turnaround following his loss to Michael Bisping last month at UFC Fight Night 84 in London, England (see it), preferably against Gegard Mousasi at UFC 198 on May 14, 2016.

Now, Gegard — who also competed on the London card — says he is all for a fight against “The Spider.” However, he would prefer it go down in June or July, possibly at UFC 200.

Mousasi’s manager Nima Safapour expressed interest to MMA Fighting:

“All of the Brazilian media has been contacting us today about a potential Mousasi/Silva match-up in Brazil. It is an exciting idea as it will be a stadium show. However, the Curitiba card is right around the corner. Therefore, we need adequate time to put the camp together and prepare. We would gladly fight Anderson. However, a May date is too soon of a return. Had we known immediately after the London card then maybe. But that time has passed us, unfortunately. We will take the fight gladly. However, I think it would make more sense to have them fight either at UFC 199 in LA at the earliest, or alternatively, at UFC 200 in Vegas at the latest. Gegard wants to have the fastest turnaround possible while not compromising the organization and structure of his training camp. So the question should go back directly to Anderson on whether he accepts our challenge at either UFC 199 or UFC 200.”

While one can understand Gegard’s request for a little more time to prepare for a challenge like Silva, one can also see why Anderson wants a quick turnaround at UFC 198, as it would mean he will fight in his home country of Brazil.

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