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George Lockhart explains reasoning behind putting Cris Cyborg on birth control for UFC Fight Night 95

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Weight-cutting guru George Lockhart faced plenty of criticism in the days leading up to UFC Fight Night 95 over his decision to put Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino on birth control before her 140-pound catchweight fight against Lina Lansberg, some even from Justino herself.

Justino, the Invicta FC featherweight champion, entered fight week at 165 pounds and expressed concern over her weight cut in a pre-fight interview on The MMA Hour, then butted heads with Lockhart over the birth control in a video blog released by Justino’s team.

In the end, most of the hand-wringing ended up being for naught, as Justino successfully made the UFC’s 141-pound catchweight limit, albeit with some allowances, and defeated Lansberg via second-round TKO in the main event of UFC Fight Night 95. Afterward, Lockhart explained the logic behind his decision to put Justino on birth control, stating that it was designed to be a way to better manage Justino’s menstrual cycle — a cycle which can have a significant effect on the weight-cutting process.

“One thing that I did want to go over is like, okay, we have sporadic periods and when this happens, we tend to go up (in weight) a lot,” Lockhart explained Monday on the MMA Hour. “What I wanted is lighter periods, a little bit more frequency, a little bit more regularity. This is something that we wanted to address. The actual birth control that was prescribed to her, it’s got a compound that actually helps out with aldosterone. Aldosterone is an anti-diuretic hormone. Basically, when you start cutting weight, your blood volume decreases. When your blood volume decreases, the thickness of your blood increases.

“Now what happens is, your body, it’s an amazing survival mechanism, right? It’s always trying to keep a balance, a homeostasis. It’s always ….View full article

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