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Georges St-Pierre on celebrities fighting in the UFC: ‘I’m all for it’

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This week, controversial YouTube personality Logan Paul expressed his intentions to fight in the UFC. He is the latest addition to the list of celebrity figures like Wiz Khalifa and Dan Bilzerian who have aspirations to enter the realm of mixed martial arts competition.

While many may frown upon this idea, two-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre is actually on board with it. Speaking in a recent presser in Australia, St-Pierre said he had no issue of having that old “freakshow” aspect that helped skyrocket the UFC into the mainstream back in the early 90’s.

“I’m all for it,” St-Pierre said (via MMAjunkie). “I’m really all for it. Or this hockey player goon against the MMA guy. I wouldn’t mind.”

St-Pierre recognizes the current trend in the UFC at least, where drawing power is seemingly given more weight over skill. However, he also believes that the line has to be drawn somewhere.

“Now, you can be the elite, but it’s like a reality show, too,” he said. “The world has changed, and I think we need to evolve with it.”

“(UFC) became more mainstream, and to attract more mainstream people, you need to have more mainstream athletes. I think it’s a good thing. But let’s not confuse who’s who.”

St-Pierre recently expressed interest in facing the winner of the upcoming lightweight fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. UFC president Dana White, however, shut down this idea, but is more open for him to be part of the Toronto card at UFC 231 on December 8th.

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