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Georges St-Pierre’s UFC Return Hinges on His Contract and Health

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Georges St-Pierre vs BJ Penn at UFC 94

We’ve all been waiting for the day that Georges St-Pierre says yay or nay to a return to the Octagon.

It doesn’t appear that St-Pierre is going to give a definitive answer anytime soon, but he has clarified a couple of the hurdles, which center around his contract status and his health.

The last time St-Pierre set foot in the Octagon was at UFC 167 in November of 2013, when he won a split-decision victory over Johny Hendricks. Since then, he has been content to focus on life outside of the cage, while speculation about him returning to the Octagon has remained just that, speculation.

In an interview on The MMA Hour on Monday, St-Pierre didn’t appear to be teasing a return, but talked openly about the possibility. Yet, there were still those pesky hurdles.

Despite going on sabbatical more than two years ago, injuries have remained a problem for St-Pierre. In 2014, he underwent surgery for a torn anterior cruciate ligament. His knee healed and he planned to undergo a simulated training camp to help gauge his interest and ability to return, but St-Pierre revealed on Monday that he recently injured his rotator cuff, putting his simulated camp on hold for the time being.

St-Pierre has always been particular about his preparation, and he doesn’t want to commit to a UFC return without knowing that his body is up to the rigors of proper training.

“You can be in the gym, but the Octagon is a different thing,” said St-Pierre. “I need to make sure if I do this, I need to do my tryout first, push myself to see if my body and I really want to do this again, go through that training camp.”

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