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Giving thanks to the many wonderful things going on in MMA

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The year 2016 has been an interesting one in the mixed martial arts, and interesting is one of those words that swings both ways. USADA is cracking down on any manner of cheaters (and even some of those who ingest tainted supplements unknowingly), making the road to fight night that much more of a mountain pass. Jon Jones is suspended again, and he’s turned into a whatever metaphor you like. Personally, I see his suspension like a high wire between two buildings connecting the thing he was and the thing he could have been. How does it play out? It remains to be seen. Hopefully in 2017 this column includes some “thankful for the redemption of Jon Jones” type of blurbiture, but right now he’s hovering over the gulf.

Still, there are plenty of other things to be thankful for in this year of Fighter Awareness. Suddenly the professionals are wanting to be treated that way, which is unique. The fight game, on principle, has never been about good sense, or even logic. Personal quests are just that — personal. They don’t band together and form unions. Unions have nothing to do with the fire of a competitor who believes so much in the power of his own individuality — in his own ability to bottle a tempest into a jar, and be accountable to nobody but himself — that he takes of his shoes to prove it.

No, fighters, by nature, do the opposite of band together. Or at least that was traditionally been the case. In 2016, things are changing. Why? Because so many alphas are waving their hands over their heads and finding themselves dumbstruck by the puppet strings. When people who thrive with the idea of self-control realize they aren’t actually in control, it tends to ….View full article

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