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Gordon Ryan vs Vinny Magalhaes set for ACB JJ 13

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Gordon Ryan vs. Vinny Magalhaes is a match that garners a lot of attention.

Gordon Ryan will make his ACB JJ debut against former UFC competitor Vinny Magalhaes.

There are a number of big matchups that can be made across the competitive grappling industry. On Tuesday, one of those bouts were announced as Gordon Ryan is set to face off against Vinny Magalhaes. This super fight is planned to go down at ACB JJ 13 on May 5th. The fight between Ryan and Magalhaes brings together two men who are not only highly experienced and successful, but two athletes that do not mind talking up a fight to get people interested in the action.

On one side there’s Ryan. He burst onto the scene at EBI 6 when he filled in for an injured teammate. From that moment forward he’s stormed through a lot of the competition; winning a gold medal in the 88 kilogram group at ADCC last year. He’s a multiple-time champion for the promotion and has also secured big wins for other promotions such as KASAI Pro and Fight to Win Pro. Ryan’s faced some of the top athletes that this sport has to offer and has earned tough wins over the likes of Yuri Simoes, Craig Jones, Keenan Cornelius, Dillon Danis, and others. This will be Ryan’s debut for the organization.

Then you have to take into account Magalhaes; an athlete that has not only been successful in competitive grappling, but he’s fought for organizations such as the UFC and World Series of Fighting. Since leaving active MMA competition, Magalhaes has returned to the competitive grappling space where he’s obtained marginal success. Recent record aside, he’s still put together some strong performances in the past as he’s faced and defeated such men as Marcus Almeida, Jackson Souza, Fabricio Werdum, Dean Lister, and Bruno Bastos. This may be considered a grudge match of sorts as the last time Magalhaes faced a member of the Danaher Death Squad, he was defeated by Garry Tonon (a man who he’s beaten in the past) at EBI 9.

One of the most anticipated fights planned for the thirteenth event of ACB JJ League! Gordon Ryan’s debut on the tatami of the Absolute Championship Berkut. ⭐VINNY MAGALHAES vs ⭐GORDON RYAN ▪ Despite the fact that there is the so-called “Season GI” underway at the moment, this will be a super-fight in No-GI in the weight category of 95+. Fans have been expecting the appearance of Gordon in the card for a long time. And we can say with confidence that waiting is over! ▪ Some adore Gordon, some dislike his arrogance and crown, but it is difficult to underestimate him as an outstanding modern grappler. Objectively – Gordon King Ryan – the strongest and incredibly talented athlete and rightfully got into the list of fighters of the League. ⚠Match will be held in California on May 5th! ⭐VINNY MAGALHAES did not show super-outstanding results recently and many have started talking about the “decline of the career” of the famous wrestler. 10 fights and seven defeats for the period of 2017-2018. During the time of the ACB JJ league, he had three fights and all three (against Gabriel Lucas, Josaff Moku and Adam Varzhinski) ended in failure for Vinny. Now he will face one of the most difficult rivals and, at the same time, there is a serious chance to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of his fans. Magalhães still remains one of the most technical ultra heavyweights in the No-Gi and he is one of the best defence specialist from the Hilhooks, which are Gordon Ryan’s formidable weapon. ✴For Gordon, this is the debut. But, despite this, he looks like a favorite in the upcoming fight. Young wrestler at the peak of the form. Over the past two years, he lost only to two guys: ⭐Leandro Lo and ⭐ Felipe Pena. And, he lost twice to Felipe. Moreover, the only loss by submission in Ryan’s career as a black belt was the strangling RNC from Felipe Pen. ✴In short, this athlete is more than serious and extremely dangerous. Perhaps, one of not many factors that can somehow affect the outcome of the fight (in addition to the opponent, of course) is a special format of the match according to the rules of ACB JJ League. Three rounds of five minutes each.

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This fight is set for ACB JJ rules which create various point scoring opportunities across three rounds at five minutes each. This is a no-gi, 95 kilogram superfight. This event will be available via the ACB JJ YouTube page.

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