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Gracie issues challenge to Agazarm: ‘All proceeds will go toward paying Metamoris athletes’

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A potential grudge match is planned for November 26th.

There are times when rivalries can take odd turns. Consider that to be the case with the feud between Ralek Gracie and AJ Agazarm. Their back and forth is set to be continued and come to a head with a planned grappling bout between the two in November. Gracie took to Instagram to call out Agazarm for the November match in Denver, Colorado.

“I am formally challenging AJ Agazarm to a no time-limit, submission only match,” Gracie posted. “All proceeds will go toward paying Metamoris athletes.”

This is where the conversation becomes interesting. For the last year Metamoris has been involved in a controversy with paying the competitors on past shows. Athletes such as Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Agazarm and others openly complained that the organization owes them money or were slow to pay for matches.

“I think he has good intentions, but my grandmother always said that hell is full of good intentions,” Sobral said Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting back in 2016. “With all due respect to him and his family, he made a huge mistake. I don’t recommend anyone to fight there if you want money. I wish him luck, and I hope someday he gets to clean his reputation in the jiu-jitsu world because it’s not looking good.”

Agazarm was perhaps one of the most vocal competitors. He once took to the Metamoris Instagram account to call the organization on the carpet for lack of payment.

“It has been over 6 months since my bout against Karo Parisyan, and I still haven’t been paid. It’s not about the money (it wasn’t a lot) but instead it is about the principle,” Agazarm posted. “I took the match on short notice to help save your show, as you would otherwise have been left without a main event. To this date my match is still behind your paywall and I have not yet seen a single dollar.”

Agazarm would even take things a step further by broadcasting a Metamoris internet PPV on his Facebook page for viewers to watch for free before the stream was taken down; a move that wasn’t appreciated by Gracie.

“By pirating our last Metamoris event on his personal Facebook account, [Agazarm] stole money from the very athletes he claimed to be supporting,” Gracie posted. “Here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is ‘Florida boy.’”

Agazarm has yet to officially respond to the challenge. He’s coming off of a second-place finish at ADCC 2017, earning a silver medal in the 66 kilograms division. He also defeated Phil Baroni at Submission Underground 5.

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