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Graphic: Former UFC title challenger Nick Diaz drains his elbow, and it’s extra gross

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I’m not sure quite what it is about MMA, but this sport seems to deliver a regular supply of hard to watch videos and images. There’s the normal run-of-the-mill gaping cuts, and separated digits. Or the always gut-churning broken limbs. But the environments of MMA training seem to breed a whole other level of nauseating afflictions.

Cauliflower ears are formed and drained, staph infections run rampant, creating disturbing bumps, and eventually holes in flesh. And of course, there’s just the good old fashioned joint injuries and infections that come with years and years of twisting your arms and legs around. That’s what former UFC title contender & Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz is showing off in a recent post on social media.

Diaz posted a short video of himself, squeezing his elbow over a sink and… let’s just say that I’m pretty sure that’s not normal.

Recent reports say Diaz has been made eligible to return to UFC competition by USADA, and the drug testing program’s web site shows that he’s submitted three samples this year. Along with his brother Nate, there have been hints that both men may return to fighting sometime in 2018, but nothing too definite. In the meantime, fans will just have to settle with gems like this one to get their 209 fix.

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