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Gunnar Nelson on Dancing to Justin Bieber and Dealing with Pressure

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Gunnar Nelson’s latest video post along with a dancing troupe of his teammates to celebrate another anniversary at Icelandic MMA HQ, Mjolnir, made quite an impression on social media threads earlier this week.

Last year, the Reykjavík crew put out a ballet inspired parody of Sia’s 2014 hit ‘Chandelier’. This time around they traded their ballet pumps for a more street inspired routine as they twerked and strutted their stuff to Justin Bieber banger ‘Sorry’.

Following on from their first anniversary video, Nelson has reinvented himself like a young David Bowie as he showcased a variety of new dance floor techniques to the watching world to the Bieber chart-topper.

When first asked, ‘Gunni’ was confident that he was the best mover that appeared in the film, before he quickly remembered that the honor belongs to his father, Halli, who also appears in the viral video.

“Of course I’m the best dancer in the gym, you’ve seen the video right?” he laughed from his Icelandic stronghold.

“Actually, to be honest, I should probably give that title to my Dad. Everybody seems to be loving his moves the most, you know, so it’s my Dad.”

The Icelandic submission specialist explained that the music videos coincide with the team’s annual anniversary celebrations, and that fans can expect a new video each year.

“It’s like an annual party that we have,” he explained. “It’s become something that we do now, so every time our anniversary comes around we like to do a music video. It just happened to be Justin Beiber this time around. You can all expect one every year from us around this time.”

Like last year’s rendition of ‘Chandelier’, Mjolnir’s reimagining of ‘Sorry’ has already won them a lot of praise. Although MMA is bigger than ever in terms of an audience, the sport still comes under a lot ….View full article

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