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Harry Reid Returns to His Boxing Roots to Attack Trump

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Last night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia a murderer’s row of party leaders, from Vice President Joe Biden to vice presidential hopeful Tim Kaine to President-in-Winter Barack Obama, tore into Republican candidate Donald Trump as being temperamentally, philosophically, and emotionally unfit for the presidency. It was a bruising night for Trump, with Biden claiming the real estate mogul/reality TV personality lacks compassion and empathy, Kaine mocking his speech patterns and mendacity, and the president slamming him for being a fear-mongering demagogue with no faith in the American people.

For all the raised voices and passion, though, it was former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who brought the fighting words, conjuring an extended metaphor about boxing to make the case that Hillary Clinton is the only person in the presidential race, and the Democrats the only major political party in the country, looking out for the middle class. Biden may have declared that Trump is “full of malarkey” but Reid was the one who went old school.

“Since my boxing days I’ve fought my share of fights … I’ve realized that a leader is actually a cornerman, someone who stands on your side, who has your back in a fight,” Reid said after putting the blame for Trump’s rise squarely on the Republican party. ”Middle-class families fighting to give your kids a better life—Democrats stand in your corner. New Americans risking everything to get here, and then fighting to make it here—we’re in you’re corner.”

Of course on the occasion of Obama’s last major address as president, the perpetually soft-spoken and oratorically underwhelming Reid was never going to be the one people remembered, but it was nice to see the old scrapper, now 75 years old and preparing for retirement in January after 30 bruising years in the Senate (“stepping ….View full article

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