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Has CM Punk’s Debut Opponent Finally Been Revealed?

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Had we the wherewithal to include a “Greatest Hype *De*-flation” category in this year’s Potato Awards, it would’ve been hard not to bestow the (dis)honor to WWE superstar-cum-MMA fighter Phil Brooks aka CM Punk.

After being signed by the UFC just over a year ago, Brooks has all but dropped off the face of the earth thanks to an ill-timed shoulder injury which delayed his promotional debut indefinitely. Seriously, we haven’t heard a word from the guy, which, as smart as that probably is from his perspective, has all but killed the interest level in a fighter who had relatively little to offer MMA fans to begin with (other than, you know, those massive viewership numbers we care so much about).

Recently, however, it was revealed that Brooks’ debut opponent would be discovered via Dana White’s web series, Looking For a Fight, which premieres on Youtube next week. It was easily one of the more shameful promotional moves done by the UFC in recent memory — right up there with bringing in Conor McGregor to save The Ultimate Fighter – but one that seems to have ultimately worked, as a potential opponent for Punk’s debut has now made himself known.

His name is Mickey Gall, and his professional record currently resides at an unblemished 1-0. After finding out that White would be attending his bout against Ron Templeton at Dead Serious 17 back in November as part of his online series, Gall immediately decided that Punk was his best way of getting a shot in the UFC. (via MMAFighting)

“I found out [that White and company would be in attendance] a little bit less than a month before the fight. Frankie Perez, who owns that series, ….View full article

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