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Heath Herring denies lighting the fire that burned Brock Lesnar’s ass

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So here’s a mixed martial arts (MMA) story that’s about seven years past its expiration date, but we’re going to share it with you anyway, because it sure beats another Ronda Rousey post.

Just kidding, you’ll get another one shortly.

Anyway, Heath Herring came out of the proverbial woodwork this week to respond to recent comments made by Brock Lesnar, who claimed his UFC 87 opponent was talking trash in the Minnesota locker room and as a result, “lit a fire under his ass.”

Turns out the “Texas Horse” is “Crazy,” but not that crazy, according to his conversation with FOX Sports.

“It wasn’t me. It’s also something I’m not really proud of and unfortunately we can’t control everybody that’s with us. The buck definitely stops with me if it’s somebody in my entourage. I’ve always tried to behave as an athlete should, as a gentleman should in the ring. That’s just kind of my upbringing. That’s something that’s always kind of bothered me. I’m really embarrassed about that to be honest with you, that somebody behaved like that. It reflects poorly on me. Did I say anything? No. There may have been somebody in my entourage that said something ….View original article

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