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Holly Holm and Derek Brunson are both filing appeals over their UFC 208 losses in New York

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The main event and co-main event losers aren’t taking their defeats lying down, and have decided to appeal with the NYSAC.

Holly Holm and Derek Brunson are both appealing their UFC 208 losses with the New York State Athletic Commission.

Holm’s fight raised a lot of controversy when de Randamie threw punches after the bell at the ends of rounds two and three (see the highlights here). The punch after the end of round two landed flush on Holm’s jaw, knockout out her mouthpiece and leaving her on wobbly legs as she went back to her corner. Following the third round incident, New York referee Todd Anderson warned de Randamie about her late punches, but no points ended up being deducted. Which turned out to be a big deal since de Randamie won the fight by a single point, 48-47 on all three scorecards.

As for Brunson, his team contends that he clearly won his fight against Anderson Silva, despite the judges seeing it 29-28, 29-28, and 29-28 for “The Spider.” Brunson’s manager Ali Abdel-Aziz told FOX Sports that he intends to file an appeal this week through his attorney Craig Zimmerman and points to several statistics as proof his client was robbed. Brunson outstruck Anderson Silva 118-54 in total strikes and 54-43 in significant strikes.

This morning we let you know that Holm and her coaches were considering contesting the outcome of the fight and now MMAFighting.com reports that they’ve gone ahead and filed a formal appeal of the decision, hoping to get that L on her record overturned. Here’s some highlights from the document her lawyers at Bardacke Allison LLP sent the New York State Athletic Commission:

Referee Anderson only warned de Randamie following de Randamie’s foul at the end of Round 3, rather than following the end of Round 2. At a minimum, Referee Anderson was required to assess a foul against de Randamie and determine whether one or more points should be deducted following the end of Round 2 as required by NYSAC Regulations. Because Referee Anderson did not issue even a warning—much less assess a foul—at the end of Round 2, de Randamie committed the same foul at the end of Round 3, lobbing two punches at Ms. Holm after the horn sounded to end Round 3.

Had Referee Anderson Complied with NYSAC Regulations and deducted points from de Randamie in accordance with Section 212.10 through 212.11, the UFC Featherweight title fight would have resulted in a draw, if not a win, for Ms. Holm.

We respectfully request the Commission review Referee Anderson’s failure to assess a foul and rended a decision regarding a point deduction following Round 2, and failure to assess a foul and a point deduction following Round 3, and determine an appropriate result.

So Team Holm feels like de Randamie should have lost two points in the fight, rendering Holm the new featherweight world champion in their eyes.

We’re not too sure these appeal will result in much. Commissions are generally resistant to overturning the results of a fight, and we doubt they’ll be any more willing to admit they borked this title fight to the point where they have to strip de Randamie of the belt and maybe even give it to Holm. With the Brunson / Silva fight, the decision was bad, but so bad it merits overturning?

Still, it’s always nice to see fighters that get screwed over fighting the good fight. The more trouble a commission gets for messing up, the less likely they are to put incompetent referees and judges into positions that could end up embarrassing them.

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