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Holly Holm’s only task against Ronda Rousey is to ruin everything

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It’s to the point that even Ronda Rousey’s sneezes come teeming with subtext and moral judgments, at least in the eyes of the gawking public. She took a firm stance against skinny jeans a couple of weeks ago in a Maxim column and a whole swath of hipsters no longer thought of themselves as Giacometti’s muse. In that same piece, when she renounced the aid of lube in the bedroom, it was as if she renounced children, or Santa Claus, or John Hughes. Suddenly a subset of lube enthusiasts — activists? Revolutionaries? “Gritty kitty bitches?” — came flowing from the woodwork to let her know just how insensitive and wrong she is.

In other words, the Rousey hysteria has achieved a whole new level when her every thought takes on philosophical gravity for strangers. How did this happen? Because she bashed a few women to smithereens in a cage? It took her only something like three minutes of cage time to trump the masterworks of Schopenhauer outside of it. In this way, she is already ahead of Mike Tyson, who was the lazy man’s comparison of yesterday.

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