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Horrible Video of the Day: Amatuer Fighter Gets Tapped Out, Then Craps Himself

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(don’t make a Tim Sylvia joke…don’t make a Tim Sylvia joke…)
As MMA fans, we’ve seen some rather nasty things occur inside the cage. We’ve seen a guy celebrate his victory by projectile vomiting, we’ve seen a guy lose a fight by…projectile vomiting, we’ve seen ears explode, legs snap in half, the worst cases of staph infection known to man, and a guy’s foot begin to peel off mid fight.
One thing we haven’t been treated to on many occasions, thankfully, is a fighter voiding his bowels in the cage. I mean, sure, there are those rumors about what happened to Chuck Liddell after Rashad Evans snatched the life out of him at UFC 188, and we all know that Tim Syl-no, Jared, you’re better than this. But at an amateur event in Beckley, West Virginia over the weekend, one poor bastard literally got the shit kicked out of him, it seems.
Caution: You might want to put down you breakfast before watching this.

According to the video’s uploader, the fighter in question goes by — and I kid you not — Travis “The Brown Bomber” Wolford. Apparently Travis decided to prepare for his fight at “Ruckus in the Cage” last Saturday by attending ….View original article