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Ian McCall suspects ‘erratic’ Justin Scoggins ‘snapped’ before UFC 201 in failing to make weight

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One of the more exciting fights that was booked for this past weekend’s UFC 201 card in Atlanta was the flyweight scrap between Ian McCall and Justin Scoggins. Yet 48 hours before the fight was to go down, Scoggins was forced to withdraw from the fight due to weight cutting issues.

In the aftermath of the scrapped bout, the 24-year-old Scoggins has vowed to leave the 125-pound division and continue his career as a bantamweight. Meanwhile the opponent he left without a dance partner, McCall, vows to not get tricked by people like Scoggins again.

McCall, who was paid both his show purse and win money despite the cancellation — as well as his sponsor money from Reebok — was a guest on the Monday edition of The MMA Hour.

“I feel like I’ve been played by [Scoggons],” he told Ariel Helwani. “Because he acts like we’re friends, and we’re nice, and I’m feeling like shame on me. Because all this trash he’s talking and all this dumb stuff and personal stuff he’s bringing up. He’s like screen-shotting text messages from my agent to his agent and like, making up all this stuff. And then a big part of me wants to just bury him as far as making him look like an idiot, because there’s a lot of things that the young man has said and done that are very stupid. He tried to come off smart, like him talking about, ‘oh, I was at 2 percent body fat and the doctor said I can’t cut anymore.’ Well, if you understand a thing called science, if you’re less than three, three-and-a-half percent body fat, you’re feeding off your organs. Like, you’re actually feeding off your organs. So you’re lying.”

McCall refused to fight Scoggins at a catchweight, which he did ….View full article

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