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If I Did It: Jones vs Lesnar….next year?

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Welcome to If I Did It, the show where we handle PR kerfluffles from the world of MMA and beyond. This week we look at the fall out from UFC 214 including speculation on when exactly Jon Jones could actually fight Brock Lesnar.

Alexei Auld is back with a brand new book available 7 Secret Sources of Inspiration: A Snappy Guide for Creative Procrastinators to grill Eugene S. Robinson (who’s pushing OXBOW’s new record THIN BLACK DUKE) and me, Kid Nate, with some PR stumpers from the world of combat sports.

For the audio only version check us out on SoundCloud and be sure to subscribe to MMA NATION on iTunes and subscribe to MMA Nation on YouTube so you’ll never miss an episode. This week’s kerfuffles include:

You’re WME-IMG. Despite the Pound for Pound, Greatest of all Time, UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones’ challenge to fight the Bull of the Woods, Brock Lesnar in a mega fight, UFC President Dana White said, “It would take six months for Lesnar to even go through USADA to fight…So it’s fun to talk about, but the reality of it happening anytime soon, it’s not a reality.” Do you wait until you can make it so or do you have alternate plans for those jonesin’ for Bones?

You’re UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. When asked by TMZ Sports about your threat to “start leaking some shit that people don’t want to be out in the wind” if UFC President Dana White didn’t apologize to you, live and in public, if you will, you replied, “We good”.

White claims, “Woodley and I talked and he said he was just pissed and upset and didn’t mean it.” Did you?

You’re Conor McGregor. Your trolling Floyd Mayweather’s domestic battery case resulted in a response from its victim, Josie Harris via her attorney on TMZ Sports, “On behalf of Josie Harris, her and Mayweather’s three children, and all victims of domestic violence, we ask that Conor McGregor refrain from capitalizing off of the trauma suffered by her and other victims of domestic abuse.” Is the best PR move not to make a PR move?

You’re Dana White. UFC Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg’s training partner told Bleacher Report, “It’s no secret Ronda (Rousey) and Dana have a relationship…If you don’t know, listen for the whispers. People don’t just get given brand-new Range Rovers from their boss. That doesn’t happen in real life.” What PR prep are you taking in case this story has legs?



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“We’ll be back next week with another installment of If I Did It and we don’t know what we’ll be talking about yet because the PR mistakes have yet to be made.”

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