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If I Did It: Nate Diaz vs Dana White, Conor vs Floyd, more

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Welcome to If I Did It, the show where we solve PR kerfluffles from the world of MMA and beyond. This week we look at Nate Diaz vs Dana White, Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather and more.

Alexei Auld is back with a brand new book available 7 Secret Sources of Inspiration: A Snappy Guide for Creative Procrastinators to grill Eugene S. Robinson (who’s pushing a GoFundMe to pay for the new Oxbow album) and myself with some PR stumpers from the world of combat sports.

For the audio only version check us out on SoundCloud and be sure to subscribe to MMA NATION on iTunes and subscribe to MMA Nation on YouTube so you’ll never miss an episode. This week’s kerfuffles include:

You’re Nate Diaz. UFC president Dana White is accusing you of turning down fights. You took to social media to respond “This fucker can’t stop making shit up about me and I haven’t been offered any fights except the one (I) Iaughed at”. Is this enough or do you need to do more to make your case to the public?

You’re WME-IMG. With Floyd, Conor, and Dana forming like Voltron to make the super fight happen, does your marketing heft and financial interests care when and where it occurs?

You’re South African Premier League’s Mohammed Anas. After winning a match Saturday due to your two goals, you felt like the Bull of the Woods and testified, live and in public, if you will, “I appreciate my wife and my girlfriend. Sorry to say, I mean my wife, my wife!” Are there any PR measures you can make to prevent hard times at home?

You’re Hillary Clinton. According to the Guardian, you told the Society of Irish Women’s at their annual St Patrick’s Day dinner last Friday, “I am ready to come out of the woods.” The heck you mean?

You’re a Jaded Democrat. With The Daily Beast reporting President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was an ardent defender and member of a frat with a racist rape culture, how do you prevent your party from doing what they do best at crunch time during confirmation hearings: dropping the ball!

You’re the US State Department. The University of Southern California hosts African delegations to meet with US government officials and business leaders each year at the African Global Economic and Development Summit. According to the Voice of America, “This year, the African summit has no Africans. All were denied visas.” You have not provided a comment. So give us one.

TEACHABLE MOMENT. You’re deceased Rock and Roll icon Chuck Berry. The world mourned your death by celebrating the joy you brought through your music instead of the litany of kerfuffles that would have derailed almost any other career. Can we attribute your PR invincibility to a pre-Internet age or some juju received at the crossroads?



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“We’ll be back next week with another installment of If I Did It and we don’t know what we’ll be talking about yet because the PR mistakes have yet to be made.”

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