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Irish Republican Army Faction Claims Responsibility for Dublin Boxing Shooting

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Three days after a gang of six men in police uniforms and balaclavas stormed the Regency Hotel in Dublin and shot up the weigh-ins for a boxing match scheduled to take place the next night, killing one man and critically injuring two others, a splinter faction of the Irish Republican Army paramilitary group has claimed credit for the ambush, further muddying the waters of a case that has so far stumped a stunned and undermanned Dublin police department and showing once again how deep and tangled run the ties between boxing and the criminal underworld in Ireland.

Not long after the squad of masked hitmen with assault rifles had vanished from the crime scene Friday, police in Dublin said they were focusing their investigation on long-running disputes between two of the city’s many drug gangs. After all, the man killed in the shooting, David Byrne, was a reputed lieutenant in the feared trafficking gang the Kinahan Mob, which, it has been rumored, was responsible for the murder last September of Gary Hutch, nephew of famed mob boss Gerry “The Monk” Hutch, in Costa del Sol, Spain, a “second home” for Irish gangsters in exile. After Hutch’s murder, Dublin police informants said his friends were planning revenge against the leader of the Kinahan Mob, Christy Kinahan, and since Saturday’s event event was being co-promoted by the Mob’s “adopted” boxing gym, Costa del Sol’s Macklin’s Gym Marbella, police naturally assumed Friday’s attack was a gangland hit, an act of retaliation for the murder of Gary Hutch and the inevitable and bloody result of living lives outside the law. Even without suspects in custody, things seemed cut and dry. And then the Irish Republican Army came calling.

Earlier today a spokesman for the Continuity IRA (a nationalist faction that broke off from the Provisional ….View full article

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