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It’s Official: GSP vs. Michael Bisping For The Middleweight Title!

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Can’t say I saw that coming

It’s official, George “Rush” St-Pierre will be fighting Michael Bisping for the middleweight title. Dana White confirmed the news Wednesday on sports center.

I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming. Sure, there’s been rumors, but there’s been rumors with GSP and damn near everybody. With a middleweight division that stacked and clear number one contender, I’m just not sure this fight makes sense.

Obviously they’re planning on a big PPV buy with comeback of one of the greatest fighters of all time as well as a mixed weight class title fight. From that point of view, it makes sense. But the comeback of GSP was going to be big regardless and they really don’t need to keep giving Yoel Romero the shaft. People say this is a cop out for Michael Bisping but really who wouldn’t take the comeback fight of GSP?…Exactly.

Conor McGregor probably would’ve been the first choice in this spot as it would’ve been a casual fan’s wet dream, but with him not playing ball with the UFC it probably pushed this fight further into fruition. If GSP does win, will he vacate the title and leave us in some sort of tournament situation? Either way, the plot has just thickened as the new owners take us further into unknown territory.

GSP will have to undergo a four month enrollment with USADA so the fight will probably go down in the later part of this year. St-Pierre (25-2) and Bisping (30-7) are expected to appear in Las Vegas on Friday for a joint press conference to discuss the news.

What do you guys think of the decision, are the new owners doing the UFC justice?

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