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Jake Ellenberger Saves His UFC Life on Saturday Night

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Saturday night was crazy, wasn’t it? UFC 201 was the unadulterated example of the MMA maelstrom to materialize within the confines of the UFC Octagon.

The case of Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger perfectly summed up July 30th. On a worrying slide in form, Ellenberger had everything to fight for against the tough and wily Matt Brown. Going 1-5 in your last six fights brings its own pressure, but the inevitable questions of your UFC future must be just as distracting.

Said disruptions didn’t seem to deter Ellenberger on Saturday night, however. In desperate need of a win, Ellenberger defied all pre-fight expectations by dismantling a more-than-game Brown inside the first round.

As soon as the fight commenced, Ellenberger stormed out of the gate and floored Brown with shocking immediacy. Faking a double jab, the giant overhand right of Ellenberger’s sent Brown crashing to the canvas. Brown seemingly shook of the cobwebs from such a punch and his opponent’s ensuing crazed ground and pound and began pressuring Ellenberger in return.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan commented that Ellenberger may have tired himself out with the opening minute of madness. Brown had risen from the ashes and began pressuring Ellenberger against the cage. However, just as Rogan uttered those words, Ellenberger uncorked a bruising liver kick to Brown, which folded his foe like a deck chair. After missing his first chance at finishing his opponent, Ellenberger left nothing to chance this time around and punished Brown, who was left essentially lying in the fetal position as punches rained down.

The Juggernaut of old had returned and silenced his critics, handing the grizzled veteran Brown the first loss of his career to come by way of strikes.

Ahead of the fight, it was hard for the natural cynic to not question whether Ellenberger was ….View full article

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