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Jake Shields on short-arming coffee at UFC 202 presser: ‘I got my target,’ Dillon Danis

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At the now infamous UFC 202 presser Jake Shields attempted to hurl a cup of coffee. But, the former Strikeforce champ claims his short throw was just perfect.

In just two week’s time, on May 14th, at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon, Jake Shields is going to take on Dillon Danis in a Submission Underground grappling match. Danis has been on the receiving end of a sharp rise to notoriety, as a member of Conor McGregor’s training team, and as a result (along with his serious BJJ pedigree) is set for a Bellator debut later this year.

He’s also spent the last year creating a number of feuds with various MMA talents, attempting to lure them into grappling competition against him.

And while Danis has taken his shots at the likes of Jon Jones and Rory MacDonald, in his upcoming bout with Jake Shields it seems that Shields made the first hostile move. Or at least that’s what the former Strikeforce champion and longtime Skrap Pack talent claims.

i have never witnessed so much athleticism in a single man #SequoyahShields

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Fans who kept a close eye on the now-infamous UFC 202 presser brawl (that saw Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz hit with hefty fines for bottle throwing) may remember Jake Shields short arming a cup of coffee. As a core part of the Diaz crew, Shields picked up what appeared to be a Starbucks cup and tossed it well short of the stage, and intended target McGregor. But apparently that wasn’t the case at all, as Shields now says he hit exactly what he aimed for.

“I think Dillon’s just mad that I doused him with coffee,” Shields said, speaking of Danis’ Instagram post about his throw, “cause I threw the cup lightly cause Dillon’s really close to me and I got my target. So he’s little butthurt about that.”

“Oh I got my target,” Shields continued. “I would have thrown it harder if I was trying not to get him, but Dillon was right there, so that’s who I was aiming for. I got him and a couple of Conor’s guys. Their shirts had coffee all over them. So I’ll see if I can find some pictures of him getting hit since he’s talking shit. He had coffee all over him. It was pretty funny. So yeah, I think he’s just mad that I got him good with the coffee. I know I saw him talking shit to Nate and I was like, “oh, fuck this,” and I chucked it at him.”

“At the presser – yeah, I’m used to fighting and shit-talking, so it ain’t gonna rattle me up.”

“It’s funny, a lot of people were making fun and were talking shit on that post. They don’t realize, if you throw a full cup of coffee, if you chuck it like a baseball, that’s gonna fly open and so you’re not gonna get anything. So you gotta kind of lob it slowly so you hit your target – which I did perfectly.”

As for how Shields sees the grappling match playing out? If Shields seems absolutely confident in his throwing abilities, he’s notably more measured about how a potential bout against Danis may go.

“Well Dillon is a guy that will go for it,” Shields explained, when asked about how he sees the match going. “So I don’t expect him to stall, which is nice. So I think we’re just both going to go out there and hunt for submissions right away. There’s no points, so I see us both going straight at it and hopefully one of us will be submitted – well, not one of us, hopefully I’ll submit him in regulation time and not have the overtime because the overtime is a little weird. You know, you start in the armbar and back, and that’s a position I think is a little bit shitty. So hopefully we don’t go in that. Hopefully I get a submission in the regulation time period.”

Shields vs. Danis is expected to headline a main card that includes bouts between Paulo Miyao & Urijah Faber, Michael Perez & Nathan Orchard, and John Combs & Gilbert Burns.

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