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Jermaine McDermott and LFA 19 Opponent Maurice Greene Both See a Finish in Sight

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In the course of picking up wins in his first three fights as a pro, light-heavyweight prospect Jermaine McDermott has only spent a total of three and a half minutes in the cage.

While McDermott knows that is the sort of dominance promotions look for when signing athletes, he does believe that his short time in the cage has its drawbacks as well.

“I feel like some of my performances didn’t really showcase my skillset, but were in my favor, so I can’t complain about that,” McDermott told MMAWeekly.com. “As a fighter I would say it’s definitely about getting in there and getting out, and taking as little damage as possible so you can get to your next fight.

“I definitely look for the finish every time I get into the cage and try to get it over as soon as possible, because you never want to leave it the hands of the judges, but at the same time I can see it can be a hindrance to me because people haven’t seen my skillset yet. If people think I’ve just gotten in a lucky shot here or there, I want to prove them wrong in the future.”

Another part of McDermott’s career so far that has shown its advantages and disadvantages have been his ability to fight as both a heavyweight and light-heavyweight. While he does favor one to the other, admittedly it has a drawback.

“I prefer to be a light-heavyweight at this point in my career just because of the work I know I have to put in (to make the weight),” said McDermott. “I can walk in at heavyweight anytime and I’m prepared to fight heavyweight anytime.

“The work to get to light-heavyweight requires a lot more of me than just practicing my techniques and stuff. I plan on being a champion in both weight classes or at least having success in both.”

McDermott (3-0) makes his LFA debut when he takes on Maurice Greene (3-1) in a main card heavyweight bout on Friday in Sioux Falls, S.D.

“We’re both strikers who are going for the finish,” McDermott said. “What I’ve got to do to win is stay within myself and dominate every aspect of the match. I plan on showcasing my skills other than stand-up, but if I can a win taking as little damage as possible, then that’s what I’ll do.”

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With an ability to finish bouts in quick, dominating, fashion, and a willingness to fight across two weight classes, McDermott could see his stock rise in rapid succession. But for now, McDermott chooses to keep his focus on each bout ahead of him, while remaining cognitive of the future.

“I take the fights as they come,” said McDermott. “We all have goals we want to achieve, and one of those goals is to go to a place where I can really support my family (by the money I make). But I’ll take whatever comes my way.

“I’m thankful the LFA has given me the opportunity to fight in their organization, and I can’t wait to prove that they made a good choice in allowing me to do so.”

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