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Jim Ross On WWE Stars Who Could Succeed In UFC, WWE vs. UFC & More

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The following are highlights of a new Submission Radio interview with WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross: Thoughts on if the main event at UFC Fight Night Tulsa was stopped early and who JR saw at UFC Tulsa who he thinks could be a big star in the future: “I still like Benson Henderson, I think he’s an excellent fighter. I thought that it might have been a little quick stoppage in that fight, but it’s certainly arguable. I would air on the side of caution obviously, than rather let it go.


I thought John McCarthy’s decision was a little premature, but not enough to be up in arms about it.” On how you can develop stars in MMA: “I think that the thing the UFC has to do, is they have to utilize all the air time they have when they’re on their various television shows, and maybe spend time on each show focusing on some of their young talent that they feel good about, and not spend the majority of the time just promoting the next big fight.”


“The UFC might be wise in devoting some time on all of their non-live event shows that they air – and they air a lot of ’em here in the sates it seems like with their relationship with FOX – and always have something on there that lets me get to know one of their young fighters a little better.


I have to make an emotional investment in the fighters and I need to know more about them. I need to know why I should be excited about watching this individual fight, why I want this individual to win, or why I don’t happen to like this individual for whatever reason; but you gotta let me know who these people are in more depth. I think that’s very important.” “They have some stars, but they can always use more they’ll never have too many, injuries are always an issue. It concerns me that guys sometimes seemingly over train, you wonder why so many injuries happen during training camp. I understand somebody’s gonna say ‘well JR it’s not WWE, this is not showbiz’. 

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