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Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub talk about genetic gifts of UFC 192 fighter Sage Northcutt

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Enough for hype for ya yet?

Actually, we’re only getting warmed up.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and newly retired MMA fighter Brendan Schaub took to the JRE podcast yesterday to discuss 19-year-old phenom Sage Northcutt.

The ensuing commentary was quite the “experience”:

Rogan: He’s got a very high level of karate and kickboxing and tae kwon do, a very high level of tae kwon do skill. But then also ridiculous athleticism. He also does front flips…

Schaub: That’s what I see out of him, his athleticism definitely the most.

Rogan: …and lands on the tips of his toes and gently comes down to his heel. It’s not like a clumsy bounce. It’s like this effortless flip where he knows exactly where the ground is.

Schaub: Yeah I stalked his Instagram. I saw him doing some crazy shit, like carrying wheels and shit up sand hills. He’s just a freak, man.

Rogan: Like, look at this flip. I mean, it looks like moon landing shit. That looks fake.

Schaub: He looks like a model, too.

Rogan: He looks like Paige VanZant if she was a boy.

Schaub: Those two need to procreate.

Rogan: No, they don’t. That would be, like, some uber race.

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