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Joe Rogan explains why UFC simply can’t book Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Khabib Nurmagomedov was forced out of his interim Lightweight title fight against Tony Ferguson — which was all set to go down at UFC 209 a few weeks ago — due to complications from a weight cut that forced him to go to the hospital a day before the fight.

When you couple that instance with Khabib’s alleged past troubles trying to cut down to 155-pounds, and trying to book him in a championship fight against current division king and top money-maker, Conor McGregor, is simply too much of a high risk for Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“You can’t, you can’t,” said Joe Rogan during a recent segment of his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast via The Daily Star. “And by the way, one of the things we talked about on the fight companion podcast we did the other day, we pulled up the Luke Rockhold quote, Luke Rockhold is his training partner,” he said.

“And he was saying that he couldn’t get blood to his liver, that was something was going on. He was in deep pain because he wasn’t getting blood to his liver.” For Rogan, to try and put your body through that again will simply be too much for the 155-pound kingpin.

“I was like, ‘Are you f**king kidding me?’ And this guy is going to do that again? He’s going to lose that weight again, after that? And apparently he said that he had the same problem in the Michael Johnson fight,” added Joe.

“The Michael Johnson fight, he wound up getting down to 155 but he was having the same issue, where he wasn’t getting blood to his liver. Like, what the fuck man?”

After Khabib’s latest issue, his head trainer Javier Mendes stated that early retirement could be in store for “The Eagle,” which means his much-desired shot at the division title could be out of the question for good.

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