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Joe Rogan: UFC colorman, philosopher and recreational drugs enthusiast

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You might know Joe Rogan as the ever exuberant voice of the UFC, able to get fans excited for fights that even president Dana White might have a hard time selling.

But an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone Magazine has revealed that Rogan never really wanted to be that voice in the first place. The comedian and martial artist was a fan of the sport and would have been happy just watching from the stands with the rest of us Just Bleeders:

The first time Dana White called him about doing the UFC’s color commentary, Rogan tried to beg off. This was in 2002. “I just want to go to the fights and drink,” he told White. But White persevered and eventually got Rogan for free, in exchange for prime fight tickets for him and his friends. Fifteen or so gratis gigs later, Rogan went on the UFC payroll and has been there ever since. “

I think the most amazing part of that paragraph is that Rogan was perfectly willing to call fights for free, so long as he got to be up close to the action. Keep in mind that Rogan was already fairly famous as a comic from ….View original article

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