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Joe Rogan: Why is Miesha Tate and her ‘great ass’ only making a small fraction of Ronda Rousey’s millions?

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After all, Tate is very marketable because aside from being a great fighter, she is “hot as fuck,” says Rogan.

Alexander Gustafsson isn’t the only one who knows what it feels like to constantly come in second place.

Miesha Tate, it seems, has been playing second fiddle to Ronda Rousey since “Rowdy” exploded onto the scene and dethroned “Cupcake” from the top of the Strikeforce mountain back in 2012.

Still, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is baffled at the huge gap in pay when you compare Rousey and Tate’s finances earned inside the cage. After all, “Cupcake” is right behind “Rowdy” in the rankings and has given Ronda her toughest fight to date.

But when Rousey is earning millions and Tate’s only banking a “small fraction” of that, Rogan seems to think there’s a problem. After he caught wind of Tate’s thoughts about potential retirement, the UFC color commentator talked about the lack of structure in UFC, as well, during a recent episode of his podcast via MMA Fighting:

“That’s one of the bad things about the UFC that people don’t like. There isn’t any clear structure. When Miesha Tate won she was virtually guaranteed ….View original article

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