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John Danaher Details What Makes GSP So Great

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John Danaher Details What Makes GSP So Great

There’s no use in arguing it, Georges St-Pierre is no doubt the greatest welterweight of all time. With his striking, wrestling, and overall athleticism, GSP has dominated nearly all of his opponents during his career. But these attributes are merely superficial, specifically when you consider the insight of men who have coached the all time great.

Enter John Danaher.

A jiujitsu ace who has trained many talented grapplers and fighters alike, John Danaher is a wizard on the ground. But more than that, he’s a wizard at analysis. Recently Danaher gave his two (more like twenty-five) cents on exactly what had made GSP so successful in his career.

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What do you think of John Danaher and his assessment of GSP?

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