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John Danaher Returns to BJJ after Major Surgery, Defying Our Mutual-Suffering Pact

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Four months ago I sat down with famed Brazilian jiu jitsu guru and MMA coach John Danaher to talk about our respective hip problems. I had just received a rather dour preliminary diagnosis from my doctor telling me I had femeroacetabular impingement, which in medical terms means there is a bony prominence along the superior aspect of my right and left femoral head/neck junction, in layman’s terms means the top of my thighs bones are slightly misshapen and are rubbing against my hip socket, and in practical terms means I can barely turn my hips over or pivot my feet while doing round Muay Thai, thereby preventing me from kicking properly and breaking my heart. When I heard that Danaher (who has helped coach Georges St-Pierre and Chris Weidman to stellar MMA careers and countless jiu-jitsu players to countless championships) had been suffering for years with debilitating pain and immobility in his knees and hips as a result of congenital defects, botched surgeries, and the onset of osteoarthritis, I knew I needed to talk to him, if only to get a little perspective on my situation, which, though barely worth a mention when compared to what Danaher and hundreds ….View original article