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Johnson’s deleted post: Cormier should ‘answer’ for ‘messed up’ UFC 210 weigh in

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

Rumble posted then deleted a lengthy message about Daniel Cormier’s towel fiasco at the UFC 210 weigh ins.

Days after the conclusion of their fight at UFC 210, Anthony Johnson’s team has stated that they will file a complaint about Daniel Cormier’s controversial weigh-in. Rumble’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz says they want 20% of DC’s purse because of the towel incident that shaved off 1.2 lbs.

Shortly after this, Johnson posted, and then subsequently deleted, a lengthy message about the topic. As nothing truly stays deleted online, MMA Fighting and other sources have Rumble’s original post in full below:

First and foremost I never said I wanted D.C. stripped of the title. He beat me and that’s that…

2nd I said everything would be handled After the fight because I was focused on the Fight. Weigh ins was messed up and at the end of the day it was wrong. If I lose fans because I’m fighting for what’s right then so be it. If it happen to me, it can happen to anybody. The world made all of this noise about it and when an appeal is made the world will cry about the appeal.

That makes zero sense!

Weigh ins was messed up and the fight wasn’t because he beat me. I’m not complaining about the loss, I’m complaining about the weigh ins. D.C. shouldn’t be stripped at all but for sure answer to the weigh in situation.

If you hate me you hate that’s what you have to deal with. If you love me then I love you back…

Btw this definitely isn’t about money, that’s for damn sure. It’s the principal of the situation for you knuckleheads that have no brain.

In case you were wondering how the ‘towel trick’ works, BJJ champ Rodolfo Viera demonstrated how Cormier was able to shave off a few pounds.

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