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Jon Fitch: ‘I’ll trade some brain cells for some money’

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All fighters make trade-offs between success and what it takes to achieve that success. Few are willing to talk about it so starkly. Jon Fitch, for example, is okay with the idea of trading brain cells for money.

“If we’re getting paid correctly, it shouldn’t matter,” said Fitch on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “We know the risk; we know what’s going to happen.”

Fitch, 37, believes fighters should be allowed to fight and make money until they’re slurred in speech or until they can’t remember where they placed their car keys.

“It’s my decision. If I want to do that, I should be allowed to do that,” said Fitch. “I’ll trade some brain cells for some money for my children so they don’t have to work when they’re older.”

When asked about how long he plans on fighting for, Fitch expressed that there is “no end in sight” for his career. So for now, Fitch is scheduled to fight former UFC title challenger Yushin Okami at WSOF 24 on Oct. 17.

This unforeseen matchup will take place in an unforeseen weight class. Once considered one of the strongest and biggest UFC middleweights, Okami will be making the drop to 170 ….View original article