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Jon Jones blasts ‘dork’ Gustafsson: You lack heart and don’t win championship fights

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Jon Jones has responded to Alexander Gustafsson, with a tirade on twitter.

Shortly after his KO win in Sweden, Alexander Gustafsson spoke about his former opponent in Jon Jones. He praised the former champion’s skills, but says “he’s not a champion” or “a good person” in his eyes, and would be rooting for Daniel Cormier in their rematch.

Jones has since responded through social media, with a string of tweets that may or may not be deleted soon.

In case Jones pushes through with his usual tweet and delete tactics, his social media posts are as follows:

“Of course you are rooting for Daniel Gus, you might as well pray for him while you’re at it.”

“And here’s a little FYI, you didn’t lose against DC and I because of your cardio, it was because your lack of heart.”

“I’m not a champion because you don’t like my personality? F—k you lol”

“”Jon Jones is a bad person” you sound like a f—king dork. Congrats on the engagement though, beautiful woman”

“Maybe good guys don’t always finish last.”

“I’m not a champion cuz I’m a bad person? you’re not a champion because you don’t win championship fights.”

Gustafsson has since replied to his tweets, even taking a dig at Jones’ failed USADA test.

Despite being cancelled and rescheduled numerous times, Jones and Cormier have been booked once again for UFC 214 this July. Jones defeated Gustafsson in a close decision back in 2013.

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