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Jon Jones continues taking shots at ‘old man’ Chuck Liddell, says he’s done with ‘internet bullsh-t’

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Earlier in the week, Chuck Liddell stated that he indeed plans to return to competition after an eight year retirement. He also mentioned that he wants a few fights then possibly challenge fellow former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

This immediately got a reaction from Jones, who sent out multiple tweets to take shots at Liddell and offer to fly him to Albuquerque this very weekend to fight.

This got a response from The Iceman on social media a couple of days ago, and Jones once again replied with another string of tweets.

Liddell didn’t have similar high profile run ins with the law, but Jones did reference his reputation for partying too much during his career.

Anyone in their right might knows it isn’t a good idea for the 48-year-old Liddell to take on Jones in his prime, after an eight-year retirement and a bad stretch of knockouts. It is also common for top athletes to have extreme — and sometimes unrealistic — self-confidence, so I am never surprised when retired competitors say they can still take on some of the younger generations.

It is just interesting that Jones not only took the bait and stooped to that level, but there’s also irony in him being the one tired of “internet bullshit.” Liddell did start all this with one interview, but Jones was mainly the one still sending several tweets and insults about it online.

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