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Jon Jones Explains How Conor McGregor Inspired Him to Call Out Brock Lesnar

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Super fights have been a topic of discussion for many years when it comes to the top fighters in the UFC but only recently have more of those matchups seemed possible.

For all the chatter about Anderson Silva facing off with Georges St-Pierre, the bout never actually came together but Conor McGregor’s arrival in the UFC seemed to change the dynamic when it came to the idea of a super fight.

Now as McGregor is preparing to facing Floyd Mayweather in a boxing super fight that is expected to rake in enormous money on pay-per-view and at the box office, the outspoken UFC lightweight champion is inspiring even more of his peers to follow his lead.

Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic has been pursuing a boxing match with Anthony Joshua and just recently Jon Jones began floating the idea of meeting current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar inside the Octagon.

Of course, Jones wouldn’t be crossing over to a different sport to meet Lesnar, but he would be moving up a division and likely giving up at least 40 pounds in weight to the hulking former UFC heavyweight champion.

Add to that, Jones versus Lesnar has the potential star power involved to be one of the biggest fights in the history of the UFC and that’s going to be interesting to everybody who could be part of that massive matchup.

Even Jones admits that McGregor landing the Mayweather fight helped make him realize that these kinds of matchups could actually come together and that’s a big part of the reason why he’s pursuing the matchup with Lesnar.

“It’s a big money fight. I think I was inspired by Conor McGregor to be honest with you,” Jones told the Jim and Sam Show. “To just dare and to reach higher.

“Me versus Brock Lesnar is somewhat equivalent to Mayweather and McGregor.”

Considering the draw both Jones and Lesnar have been on pay-per-view throughout their respective careers, it’s hard to argue against that logic.

There’s also the curiosity factor with Jones moving up to heavyweight for the first time while facing a true brute like Lesnar, who would walk into the Octagon at well over 275-pounds on fight night.

According to odds makers, Jones would still be a sizable favorite if the matchup with Lesnar was made, but that doesn’t mean there’s not inherent risk taking on a 6-foot-3-inch, 275-pound behemoth who is also a former UFC heavyweight champion with wins over legends such as Randy Couture and Frank Mir.

“A lot of people would assume I would lose that fight,” Jones said. “Brock Lesnar is super athletic, he was a Division I National wrestling champion. He’s older but he’s just a freak. He’s a rare talent. I don’t know what the betting odds would be on that one so it’s just like do the impossible.

“Be the David and Goliath story just the same way McGregor dares to compete against Floyd Mayweather. It’s like if you come up short, at least you have more balls than the average American to even step in there but if you win, just the glory that comes with beating a Floyd Mayweather or a Brock Lesnar, it’s huge.”

Lesnar has made several comments about Jones in the past few weeks although there remains speculation that the 40-year old professional wrestler is angling for a bigger contract renewal with WWE when his current deal comes to an end early next year.

Then again, Lesnar definitely found the hunger to compete again when he returned at UFC 200 in 2016 and there’s rarely been a more satisfied look on a fighter’s face than when he got his hand raised against Mark Hunt.

That fight was later overturned when Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance so perhaps that’s all the motivation — along with a multi-million dollar payday — that would get him back into the Octagon for one more fight against Jones.

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