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Jon Jones on Daniel Cormier: ‘I think he’s a f—king great guy’

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Jon Jones just wants the best for Daniel Cormier, but he says he’s going to make him quit in the Octagon at UFC 214.

Jon Jones is ready for UFC 214. The former UFC light heavyweight champion will be looking to regain his title this Saturday night in Anaheim, and he believes that everything is falling into place to make that happen. In an informative media scrum after the open workouts (via MMA Fighting), which he didn’t directly participate in, Jones gave his thoughts on Cormier and a variety of other things.

First, he was asked why he didn’t work out today like the rest of the fighters (he did sign autographs and talk to fans for an extended period of time):

“I think right now there’s a little bit of a mystique about what I’ve got to offer and how I’ve progressed, and I want to keep it that way.”

He stated that he’s already down to 211 pounds, with the weigh-ins going down in the morning. He then talked about Cormier’s weight cut, saying DC has look sucked out for a week now. He was asked what would happen if Cormier didn’t make weight:

“I’ll fight him. Even if he’s five pounds over, ten pounds over, I’ll fight Daniel Cormier,” said Jones. “I feel like I can beat Daniel Cormier. I’ve put in the work, I’ve trained so far. And I feel like I can beat him whether he’s overweight or not. What is it, 20% of his purse would come to me? And I would gladly take his 20%. So I hope he’s somewhere thinking about quitting on that weight cut.”

He did state that if something happened to DC where he couldn’t fight though, he wouldn’t take a bout with Jimi Manuwa or anyone else:

“I do not take last-minute fights, no matter who says what.”

After saying that he’s never seen any tape or anything on Volkan Oezdemir and talking about all the excuses Cormier has used to try to convince himself why he lost the first fight, Jones stated that he would shake Cormier’s hand after the fight and be done beefing with him. He then went a step further, saying that he was a good guy – but a good guy that is messing with the wrong fighter at the wrong time:

“I think he’s a f–kin’ great guy. I mean, you guys are all in the reporting business, you get to see him a lot more than I see him. He’s funny, he has good friends and sh-t, I mean, he’s a f–kin’ good dude. So I want the best for him, I really do. I wish he was just man enough to see that he’s f–king around with the wrong era. He just so happened to come into the sport, he’s 39 years old, and he’s f–king with a guy who is in his prime.”

He then finished by saying getting his belt back is the only thing that’s important to him, and he had a goal in mind for the fight:

“I want to be the first person to make DC quit inside the Octagon and I believe with all my heart that it’s going to happen.”

The two men will settle their long grudge at the Honda Center on July 29th.

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