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Jon Jones on younger brother Chandler: He’s going through his growing pains’

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Chandler Jones — brother of UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones and defensive end for the New England Patriots — founds himself in a pickle last week after he walked into a police station to ask for help after he had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.

Damon Martin of FOX Sports has the scoop:

According to reports from the Boston Globe and other outlets, Chandler Jones was allegedly using some form of synthetic marijuana and had a bad reaction to the drug. Synthetic marijuana is not plant-based like normal marijuana and often times has some kind of psychotropic drug that can cause hallucinations, nausea, high blood pressure and other medical problems. Chandler was taken to a local hospital and released before telling reporters ahead of his team’s game with the Kansas City Chiefs that he made “a pretty stupid mistake” with the incident.

According to Boston Globe, Chandler was disoriented and naked from the waist up when he showed up to the police station and then proceeded to get on his knees and clasp his hands behind his back as a plead for assistance.

After he was taken to the hospital and eventually released, Jones went on to help the Patriots defeat Kansas City 27-20 in the division round of the playoffs. According to the report, police officials ruled it a health matter, which could explain why NFL officials allowed Jones to play after admitting use of synthetic marijuana.

During his brief conversation with TMZ Sports, Jon offered up an update on his brother as well as some encouraging words.

Chandler’s doing great, Chandler’s doing really good. Chandler’s a young guy who has a lot thrown at him, a new level of fame and success and new opportunities. He’s going through his growing pains and doing what he ….View full article

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