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Jon Jones Pulled Over Again in Albuquerque, Cited for Drag Racing, 4 Other Violations

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Jon Jones

Less than a month out from his rematch with UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, former titleholder Jon Jones on Monday revealed that he was once again pulled over by Albuquerque, N.M. police and cited with drag racing.

Jones, a guest on Monday’s The MMA Hour, said that he was recently pulled over by an Albuquerque Police Department officer, whom he says was immediately confrontational, and eventually issued five citations.

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Albuquerque Public Information Officer Tanner Tixier confirmed the citations to MMAWeekly.com. Tixier said that in addition to the drag racing citation, Jones was also cited for exhibition of speed (which generally involves revving the engine of the vehicle), a license plate issue, a lane violation, and an equipment issue for having a modified muffler that violates city ordinances.

Jones also said on The MMA Hour that the officer that pulled him over was immediately confrontation, but admitted that he, Jones, did not handle the confrontation appropriately, saying some things he later regretted, although he fell short of revealing what was said.

“I just felt the guy was confrontational from the very first second. I’m like ‘bro, I’m the last guy you can give a ticket to for drag racing.’ He was adamant. He gave me five tickets,” said Jones, who maintained that he was not drag racing and that he was innocent.

Jones has a rematch scheduled with Cormier as the UFC 197 headliner on April 23 in Las Vegas. He also remains on probation for a felony hit-and-run incident from April of 2015 and was also cited in January in Albuquerque after being pulled over for driving 75 miles per ….View full article

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