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Jon Jones responds to GSP’s PED criticism: I guess brain damage is real

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Jon Jones took sharp aim at Georges St-Pierre over recent comments that applied to Jones.

GSP, the former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, told MMA Fighting that he believes anyone who has a past history with performance-enhancing drugs should not be in the conversation of best MMA fighter of all time. Jones, of course, has failed two USADA drug tests over the last two-plus years.

On Monday in an Instagram post, Jones expressed his displeasure with St-Pierre’s comments, particularly GSP’s assessment of how steroids can help athletes.

“Saying steroids change more than physical performance,” wrote Jones, who is arguably the best MMA fighter of all time. “‘Make you more creative and hungry’. Do you know how crazy that sounds? I guess brain damage is real out here.

“Saying PED metabolites threw a kick? Come on man. It’s called training and identifying a weakness. So much in fact I told him to his face it was coming and then landed it. That’s called execution.”

Jones has been adamant that he never knowingly took a prohibited substance. And in both cases, an arbitrator has determined that it was likely that Jones was not intentionally cheating. Jones will be eligible to return to the UFC on Oct. 28 following a 15-month suspension in his USADA case.

GSP said in the interview that he has trained with those who have been on performance-enhancing drugs and he has seen firsthand the kind of difference they make.

“Also, not only the physique, it changes the mind of the person. So with people, they think it’s only affecting strength and conditioning and stuff like that,” St-Pierre said. “No, it doesn’t. It’s not only recuperation — it changes the person entirely. It makes him a better athlete. And yes, I think they should be removed from the [GOAT discussion].”

In the post, Jones said GSP was someone he had “always shown respect.” St-Pierre was once coached by Greg Jackson at JacksonWink MMA, the gym that Jones calls home.

“How about rather than campaigning for GOAT status you get in there and dominate your next fight,” Jones wrote. “I’ve had nothing but respect for you over all these years. Don’t change that now. You’re better than this.”

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