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Jon Jones Takes Aim at Georges St-Pierre Over PEDs Comments

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Georges St-Pierre has long been a vocal critic of performance-enhancing drug use in sports, but his latest comments went a bit too far for Jon Jones, who lashed out at the former two-division UFC champion.

“It sucks when you have to hear someone you’ve always shown respect to sit and talk foolishness. But that’s the nature of the game these days,” Jones wrote on Instagram.

His comments were apparently in response to St-Pierre’s remarks during an interview with MMAFighting.com.

“Look, I remember there was a fight between two opponents, and one guy said, ‘Oh, it’s not the performance-enhancing (drugs) that threw the kick. It’s me.’ Actually, it’s not true. That’s the performance-enhancing drugs that threw the kick, because you wouldn’t have thrown the kick if you would have not taken them. So to give you an example, it makes you more creative. It makes you more hungry. It changes the physique,” St-Pierre said, referencing a comment that Jones had made.

Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones UFC 214 Ceremonial“Also, not only the physique, it changes the mind of the person. So with people, they think it’s only affecting strength and conditioning and stuff like that. No, it doesn’t. It’s not only recuperation, it changes the person entirely. It makes him a better athlete. And yes, I think they should be removed from the (discussion about the greatest of all time).”

Jones disagrees with St-Pierre and went on to say so in his Instagram post, blasting St-Pierre’s take on performance-enhancing drugs and how they affect a fighter.

“Saying steroids change more than physical performance. ‘Make you more creative and hungry.’ Do you know how crazy that sounds? I guess brain damage is real out here,” Jones wrote.

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“Saying PED metabolites threw a kick? Come on man. It’s called training and identifying a weakness. So much in fact, I told him to his face it was coming and then landed it. That’s called execution.

“How about rather than campaigning for GOAT status, you get in there and dominate your next fight? I’ve had nothing but respect for you over all these years. Don’t change that now. You’re better than this.”

Jones is scheduled to return from a UFC Anti-Doping Policy violation, in which an arbitrator determined he had no intent to cheat, in October. 

St-Pierre has been on the sidelines since he vacated the UFC middleweight title late last year in order to deal with health issues.

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