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Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 2 Happened on Friday… on Twitter

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Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brawl (fight)

Now that Jon Jones has been cleared for a return to the Octagon, it’s not secret that his first fight back is going to be a challenge of current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

Cormier took the belt in a battle with Anthony Johnson and then defended it against Alexander Gustafsson, after Jones was stripped of the title and left to work out his legal entanglements related to a felony hit-and-run charge in New Mexico.

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Jones has since been reinstated and made no bones (pun intended) about wanting to immediately fight for the belt. Cormier also is not denying that Jones should be afforded that opportunity. The only real point of contention is when and where they will rematch.

With no love lost for each other, the Jones and Cormier had a battle of sorts on Friday, as Jones called Cormier out, saying he’d fight him anytime, anywhere. You can imagine how it escalated from there, as Twitter wars gain traction rather quickly.

Honestly I’d fight Daniel in the OSU wrestling room. John Smith can be our ….View original article

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