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Jon Jones vs. Donald Cerrone? ‘Cowboy’ recounts heated gym dispute with UFC champion

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Several months ago, Jon Jones came clean, admitting he had an addiction to select drugs in this extensive interview. But, prior to that, “Bones” didn’t want anyone to know he actually had a problem (though the writing was on the wall). That’s something his Jackson-Winkeljohn teammate Donald Cerrone found out the hard way, as the two almost came to blows at the Albuquerque, N.M.-based gym.

As “Cowboy” revealed on a recent episode of “The Fighter and The Kid” podcast with Bryan Callen and ex-UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub, Jones got upset with him for putting his personal business out in the open. However, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) film crew arrived, “Bones” turned into a different person.

He explains via FOX Sports:

“Me and him have plenty of disputes all the time. We almost had at it, him and I at Jackson’s. This is before all the wild Jon (stuff) came out and I spoke about him being wild and he was like, ‘what the (expletive) with you putting me out like that?’ and I was like, ‘what’s up mother (expletive)?’ But, that’s behind the scenes. What had happened was all the UFC cameras were there that day and I came at Jon like, ‘what’s up?’ and he comes at me, puts his God hat on and got to work. He just said, ‘Cowboy, I just don’t understand, I’m so nice to you, always try to help you and this is how you treat me, this is how you want to come at me? I remember pointing at him like, ‘you mother (expletive)’.”

Jones up to his old tricks.

Thankfully, Cerrone declared that cooler heads eventually prevailed and the confrontation didn’t escalate to the point of getting physical. In fact, “Cowboy” says he and “Bones” have gotten closer since ….View full article

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