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Jonathan Coachman On Ronda Rousey: “As Far As WWE Is Concerned, They Don’t Bring in Broken Stars.”

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We all know what happened last saturday night to UFC media darling Ronda Rousey. She was taken out in less than a minute by current reigning women’s bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes. While many called for retirement, those looking for the silver lining called for the rumored option of a career in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

And why not? I mean Brock Lesnar did it after his devastating loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141, and with the type of media attention she would garner, it’s a win win for her and the company – right? Wrong. According to long time commentator, interviewer, and occasional wrestler for the WWE, Jonathan Coachman, the business doesn’t take in “broken stars.”

In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Coachman explains why Ronda’s losses make her a bad fit.

Unfortunately what happened to Ronda Rousey over the weekend; unfortunately I had predicted it almost down to exactly the minute and what would happen, and what could happen to her going forward. I want wrestling fans to understand that this is not a guess, or an educated guess. You have to understand that when you try to bring somebody in from the outside, and let’s mention a few of those names, just to give those people on Twitter some respect; that they’ve been comparing Ronda Rousey to some of the other legends WWE has brought in. They say, well, Brock Lesnar lost a fight and WWE still brought him in. Mike Tyson lost a fight and WWE still brought him in. What people have to understand is that those two individuals have nothing to do with Ronda Rousey. It’s not really a fair comparison. You’re talking about a woman, who I have a great deal of respect for. Anybody who wants to insult her, and the way she got knocked down..there are very few fighters in any sport; whether it’s MMA or Boxing, that have not been knocked out at some point. Look at what she did. She took 13 months off. She was essentially a recluse. We really didn’t see much of her other than the commercials that she did in order to earn a living, and then she came out and got absolutely obliterated, as I called it on First Take. If you don’t change what you are doing. If you are not changing the way you train, then there are a lot of women now who are training like great Boxers, like Amanda Nunes. Amanda Nunes is a complete beast. Nobody was giving her the respect that she deserves, so when you look at Ronda Rousey now..what do you have now that she wasn’t before the fight? The WWE would have taken her before the fight. People want to Tweet out pictures of her when she was with The Rock. Guess when that was? That was Wrestlemania, 2015. I’ll say this before, and I will say it again; there has never been an athlete in the history of sports that their self worth, and I don’t like saying this but it’s true..their self worth is so tied to their professional success, think about that for a second; when she lost, she was not only devastated; when she lost, the thoughts that were going through her head were not good ones, and hopefully she understands that she has gone much farther than any female in sports, and hopefully she can latch on to a positive, but as far as the WWE is concerned, they don’t bring in a broken star, and that is what she is. She is broken from a professional sense. They don’t rebuild broken celebrities outside of the WWE. Brock started in the WWE. Ken Shamrock was a fighter who lost, but any of these comparisons, are not only fair to them, but they’re not fair to Ronda Rousey. They are never going to bring her in because the fans won’t treat her fairly, and what exactly are they going to do with her at this point?

While we understand Cocahman’s points, it’s still hard to believe that a woman who can garner so much media attention is useless in a contest purely based on entertainment. Let’s face it, people just like to watch Ronda Rousey do things. Whether it’s for hate, love, or just to see her freak out, people can’t stop watching.

Besides that, WWE is sports entertainment. As long as a fighter can look imposing, is physically fit, and carry out a pinfall with chutzpah, they don’t have to be a mental Juggernaut.

We get it, Brock had a previous following, Tyson was a beast, and the fans would treat Ronda poorly – to say the least. But to say you couldn’t turn Ronda Rousey into a world class heel? I call shenanigans.

Hit us up in the comment section and let us know if you think Ronda Rousey has a future with the WWE.

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