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Jose Aldo: A union for UFC fighters would be great

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“Junior” knows what kind of benefits a union will bring to mixed martial arts (MMA). Clearly, he ripped up this notice… Between fending off a class-action lawsuit from a legion of former fighters, combating the efforts of Nevada Culinary Workers Union (NCW) to organize and educate its employees, and filing a lawsuit against New York state, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) must be spending massive amounts of cash in the legal department.
UFC has been knocked down, but they’re never out of a fight. After dispelling the NCW’s recent attack on its controversial pay practices, the world’s leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organization seemed to be on its way.
Until featherweight champion Jose Aldo had to remind the MMA masses of his already frigid feelings on fighter pay (via Combate by way of Bloody Elbow):

“In the NFL, Nike makes the uniforms, but teams still pay their athletes, the same goes for NBA. Life gets hard for fighters who are just starting and earn no pay-per-view money. We spend a lot with trainers, sparring partners, etc. Nobody in this day and age goes to a gym to be punched in the face for free. Whether we like it or not, we are susceptible to ….View original article