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Jose Aldo: ‘Men’s MMA is at a Higher Level Than Women’s’

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Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis at UFC 175

During her reign atop the women’s bantamweight division, UFC president Dana White claimed that Ronda Rousey would beat Floyd Mayweather in a street fight. UFC commentator Joe Rogan said that she could compete with men.

They may have been just promoting fights and generating hype, but a lot of people actually believed them.

After Holly Holm toppled Rousey at UFC 193 in devastating fashion, many people came to the realization that no one is invincible and everyone can be beaten.

The reason White famously proclaimed in 2011 that women would never fight in the UFC was because the divisions weren’t deep enough and the lack of top tier talent would lead to mismatches.

He now considers bringing women into the Las Vegas-based fight promotion as the best decision that he’s made, but the landscape of women’s MMA hasn’t changed that much since he made those remarks.

According to featherweight champion Jose Aldo, women’s MMA is in its infancy and simply isn’t on the same level as men’s fighting.

“First of all, what I think, women’s MMA is too new,” he said during a recent media scrum in Rio de Janeiro. “I don’t want to compare, I think Royce [Gracie] was ….View original article

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