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Jose Aldo Said He Had Some Spies Scoping Frankie Edgar Ahead of UFC 200

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Sneaky, sneaky, Jose Aldo.

The newly crowned UFC interim featherweight champion used some straight-up 007-style techniques to figure out what Frankie Edgar was going to do in their fight at UFC 200.

According to Aldo, he had spies scoping out Edgar during the week leading up to UFC 200. And you know what? It doesn’t seem like he thinks he did anything wrong.

Aldo talking to reporters in Brazil:

“We had some spies over on his side, where he was training all week. They came and told us what he was doing. So I had to hold off on the kicks and on the left hand since he was looking to counter on that … Of course, there was (spies). Why wouldn’t I kick? That’s my own instinct! We always place a spy. We send someone to watch their training and tell us, so we know what they’re training. Thankfully, it always happens. Brazilians in the other corners. So when I get there to train, I already look at the list of cornermen. If there’s a Brazilian on the other side, we look for him right away. We ask them to have a look there because it helps us out a lot.”

Is that cheating? I don’t know. The fight game can be a dirty one, after all, but I can’t help to avoid remembering the NFL’s New England Patriots and their deep dive into “Spygate.” Should we call this “Cornergate?” You make the call.

In the meantime, Jose Aldo is a master spy and should be cast as the next James Bond.

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